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Stephanie will work collaboratively with both Parties to facilitate the process of divorce. All communication will include all three so that transparency and trust is maintained throughout the entire process. 

Let's Work Together

To set an appointment, please contact Stephanie at 

Divorceandcustodymediator@gmail or call 916-743-0747

1. Full Service Mediation 

Fixed Fee Divorce Mediation Services: $3450 total or $1725pp

Many clients want the comfort of a fixed price. This fee is paid in 3 installments. This service includes an hour and a half information, "opening" court case meeting, up to 6 hours of mediation, the completion of all court dissolution documents, a settlement agreement, and the filing of all documents. (excludes the court required filing fees)

During our mediation sessions we will cover all of the following areas of a divorce and/or child custody:​

  • Child Custody and Parental Tme Agreements

  • Spousal and Child Support           

  • Property and Asset Division

  • Marital Settlement Agreement Information

  • Filing of all required documentation for a divorce and child custody.


If you have begun your divorce but would like help with mediation or finalizing your divorce, we can do this at our hourly rate of $250.00/Hr.

Please note, unlike other attorneys and mediators I do NOT require an "escrow" account or a retainer. My clients pay at the time of service. In addition to our flat rate fee the county has separate filing fees that approximate $435-$500. 

Each individual mediation is unique and the time it takes varies. However, most mediation sessions can be completed in 3-4 hours. The length of time is influenced by the participants. If you need more than 4 hours of mediation there will be an additional charge of $250/Hr. On average we will complete your entire divorce in 45 days.

2. Divorce Paperwork Preparation ONLY-  $1500 - $1850

If your preference is to have assistance with preparing all documents required for an uncontested divorce, and require no mediation of property, child support or spousal support , Stephanie can complete all of the required divorce paperwork for you and file them.  

These documents will include:

Petition and all opening documents: $625

Providing Required Finanicial Disclosures: $150

Preparing Maritial Settlement Agreement: $850

Final Judgement Packet for the Court: 675

3. Divorce Coaching- $165/hr

Stephanie will consult with you on the stages of divorce, information required to divorce, and all issues related to divorce, to include the possible emotional and psychological affects of divorce on yourself, the family system and on children. 

Mediation Services 

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